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Xena Graphics

Warrior Princess Art

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Hello I'm jareths_crystal and I am the creator of this community. All credit for the layout (images manipulated by myself) is for xflamexairx This is a community for Xena fans to come together and share their graphic artwork(be it wallpapers, icons, friends only banners, anything is welcome). There are a few rules however.

1. Post only icons and graphics related to Xena or the actors from Xena.

2. Use a lj cut for post of wallpapers and more than three icons
How to make an lj cut

3. CREDIT!!! If a user asks that credit be given to icons made by them, then credit them in the keywords. Stealing will not be tolerated, please comment when taking an icon and do give credit when asked for it. If I have problems with icons being stolen I will make all the posts friends only and remove that idividual from the community.

4. Requests are allowed.

Other than that happy icon making. :o) If you have any questions feel free to contact me at BTVScool@aol.com